The Plaza Cafe huevos rancheros

The Plaza Cafe

It is often off the beaten path that the best food is made and served. Occasionally, it is right in the middle of everything. Such is the case for The Plaza Cafe, smack in the middle of downtown Santa Fe. Yum. In the early part of the day, as the artisans are setting up their tents … Continue reading

Tia Sophia's huevos rancheros

Tia Sophia’s

Tia Sophia’s is just off the Santa Fe Plaza, a valve just off the heart… and any Northern New Mexican cowboy might agree that the huevos rancheros here are true to their name. A skillet arrives full of huevos and ranch-style pinto beans. No frills here, just the real thing. Atop soft corn tortillas are … Continue reading

Gabriel's huevos rancheros


At Gabriel’s on Banana Lane (and on the Camino Real North of Santa Fe), the late summer sky is churning with storm clouds in the distance and a table on the patio is key. Huevos Rancheros is on the lunch menu only, but I think the cooks are happy to make huevos any time of day. … Continue reading

Rancho de Chimayo, New Mexican restaurant

Rancho de Chimayo

How can one go wrong sitting on the outdoor terrace eating traditional green-chile-fied huevos rancheros at Rancho de Chimayo? Eggs cooked to order with traditional refried beans and Spanish rice as the side. Lightly fried soft corn tortillas underneath. A sharp cheddar or strong colby cheese tops the Christmas, smothered over the eggs. A light … Continue reading