Barelas Coffee Shop huevos rancheros

Barelas Coffee Shop

South of downtown Albuquerque in the historic Barelas neighborhood, is the home of some delicious huevos rancheros at none other than the Barelas Coffee Shop. Today we sit on the patio, and huevos is the perfect lunch of the day. Over corn tortillas are eggs just a bit overcooked, not too surprising seeing how bustling … Continue reading

Los Compadres huevos rancheros

Los Compadres

In the heart of the South Valley, off Isleta Blvd, is a mom & pop Mexican restaurant called Los Compadres: with huevos rancheros to die for. Or make sure you eat some before you die, for it will give you comfort. Huevos are cooked perfectly and placed atop a thick, earthy, soft corn tortilla. Small … Continue reading