Cocina Azul huevos rancheros

Cocina Azul

Cocina Azul is indeed a great place to “Get your chile on!” In fact, as one drives by this little gem off 12th & Mountain, there is a sign mentioning one of their most popular dishes: huevos rancheros! But of course, that is why are here… Cocina Azul’s huevos are delicious, no-nonsense and fulfilling. Over … Continue reading

Ned's huevos rancheros

Ned’s on Rio Grande

Ned’s is the kind of Albuquerque bar & grill / dive bar that I’d expect to have good huevos rancheros. Yup, I’m right. They are pretty darn good here at Ned’s on Rio Grande. It doesn’t matter that they call it a skillet dish. Huevos is huevos. And I enjoy all the different types and … Continue reading

Monica's el Portal huevos rancheros

Monica’s El Portal

Monica’s El Portal is a family restaurant on the outskirts of Old Town that makes good comfort New Mexican food, huevos rancheros no exception. If just a little warmer, we would sit on the cute little patio out front. Today’s huevos appear on the table with a traditional look and feel. You can actually see … Continue reading

Church Street Cafe huevos rancheros

Church Street Cafe

At the historic Casa de Ruiz, in Albuquerque’s Old Town Plaza, huevos rancheros a la Church Street Cafe are a treat! Hundreds of years of history make this oldest of adobe homes in New Mexico rich, and thus I expect the food to be nothing less. I, and my companions for this huevos day, all … Continue reading

Duran's Central Pharmacy huevos rancheros

Duran Central Pharmacy

These huevos kicks are at Duran Central Pharmacy Restaurant, a local legend I enjoy even though my over-easy eggs are a┬ábit overcooked. These huevos are served on a naked plate: without tortilla on the bottom, yet the plate is full of food. Served with slightly refried whole pintos and what I’d call “mash whites” (somewhere … Continue reading