Papa Nacho

Papa Nachos

On a cute little patio off the beaten path in an unexpected part of town is a neat family owned Mexican restaurant called Papa Nachos. Papa comes in at 3:00 AM every morning to start the meats and chiles, and one can taste the proof. The recipes and tastes seem a bit milder than some … Continue reading

El Norteno huevos rancheros

El Norteno

I knew I was going to stop by El Norteno for my next Albuquerque huevos rancheros visit… last week! I just happened upon it while running errands in the northeast heights. I’m so glad it stuck. El Norteno claims “Authentic Mexican”, and I am happy to agree with whatever they say because the huevos are … Continue reading



I’ve been meaning to try Caliente’s New Mexican Restaurant for a while, and today is finally the day. For great food, not to mention a Sunday Brunch Buffet, I’m surprised more locals aren’t packing the place. I’m here specifically to try the huevos rancheros, mentioned in Andrea Feucht’s Food Lovers Guide to Santa Fe, Albuquerque, … Continue reading

Flying Star

Flying Star Cafe

Flying Star Cafe‘s mission is to, “fly below the radar of the larger chains and to cook where no one has cooked before!” Well, I love meeting below the radar of those pesky chains, especially with some of our beloved Albuquerque and New Mexico local “chains”. You KNOW the huevos rancheros will be better this … Continue reading

Garcia's huevos rancheros


At an Albuquerque staple, Garcia’s, or The Original Garcia’s Kitchen, one expects to find traditional huevos rancheros, among other delicious New Mexican cuisine. One would be right. “Fresh, hand-prepared, New Mexican cuisine at a reasonable price” indeed. The huevos, perfectly prepared, are definitely in there over corn tortillas and alongside papitas and very refried beans. The … Continue reading

Papa Felipe's huevos rancheros

Papa Felipe’s

A personal Albuquerque historic Mexican restaurant for me is Papa Felipe’s. Not surprisingly, Papa’s has a few huevos rancheros options. Today I order off the menu as it comes (there is also a “Traditional Huevos Rancheros” on the everyday specials card for meals ordered between 11:30 AM and 5:00 PM). I am not disappointed. Compactly set … Continue reading

Charlie's Front Door huevos rancheros

Charlie’s Front and Back Door

Today is Cinco de Mayo, and my huevos rancheros radar has pointed me towards Charlie’s. A tough decision, but today I choose New Mexican food at Charlie’s Front Door. I’ll hit Charlie’s Back Door next time, when I’m in a darker and more imbibing mood. I can’t believe it has taken me this long to try Charlie’s … Continue reading

Sadie's huevos rancheros

Sadie’s of New Mexico

Indeed a “staple in the Albuquerque community”, Sadie’s of New Mexico‘s huevos rancheros do NOT disappoint! In fact, they are high up on my craving list now for sure. Unique in their own way, Sadie’s aims to please in the overall huevos department. A table full of good food with good eggs, yet everything surrounding … Continue reading

Tim's Place huevos rancheros

Tim’s Place

At Tim’s Place, known as, “The World’s Friendliest Restaurant,” one can expect Breakfast * Lunch * Hugs. Oh, and good huevos rancheros. I didn’t get a hug today, but my friend did; instead I get a good, solid handshake from Tim- but he can see I am busy eating and enjoying: A nice plate of food arrives … Continue reading