Flying Star

Flying Star Cafe

Flying Star Cafe‘s mission is to, “fly below the radar of the larger chains and to cook where no one has cooked before!” Well, I love meeting below the radar of those pesky chains, especially with some of our beloved Albuquerque and New Mexico local “chains”. You KNOW the huevos rancheros will be better this … Continue reading

Garcia's huevos rancheros


At an Albuquerque staple, Garcia’s, or The Original Garcia’s Kitchen, one expects to find traditional huevos rancheros, among other delicious New Mexican cuisine. One would be right. “Fresh, hand-prepared, New Mexican cuisine at a reasonable price” indeed. The huevos, perfectly prepared, are definitely in there over corn tortillas and alongside papitas and very refried beans. The … Continue reading

Murphy's Mule Barn huevos rancheros

Murphy’s Mule Barn

Murphy’s Mule Barn is one of those places I feel compelled to try because it seems unequivocally “local” in its rural North Valley location near larger patches of land just outside of town. And I love it when local haunts include regional dishes such as huevos rancheros. Yup, they got ’em. In this country diner, huevos … Continue reading

El Pinto huevos rancheros

El Pinto

One takes out of town visitors to places like El Pinto Restaurant and Cantina. Groups also celebrate weddings, anniversaries, coming of age parties and the like at El Pinto. I have done both. But today the reason for my visit to this New Mexican establishment is pure huevos rancheros. And some nice summer scenery on … Continue reading

Rey's Place huevos rancheros

Rey’s Place

When headed North on Edith, I’m told to “Look for the blue guitar!” in order to check out Rey’s Place for huevos rancheros. Obviously, I have no problem finding it, and I’m glad I did. At Rey’s, the menu simply states, “Huevos Rancheros”. No explanation needed. With lightly refried beans and thinly sliced papitas as … Continue reading

Sophia's Place huevos rancheros

Sophia’s Place

I finally found myself at the much-talked-about Sophia’s Place (closely related to Ezra’s Place) for superb huevos rancheros. I am not left wanting- wait maybe I am: wanting more. I have one word that can describe what I feel, and it happens to be part of the name of this blog: Addiction. Over corn tortillas … Continue reading

Pueblo Harvest Cafe huevos rancheros

Pueblo Harvest Cafe

New Mexico is a culturally-rich sun-spot on the map of the known universe, and one of the richest cultures in spirit is that of the Indian Pueblo peoples. Lucky for us, in the heart of Albuquerque, between downtown and the North Valley is the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center and the delicious Pueblo Harvest Cafe & … Continue reading

Mary & Tito's huevos rancheros

Mary & Tito’s

One might say Mary & Tito’s is New Mexican “soul food”. Located just North of downtown and there since the 60’s, you better believe Mary & Tito’s knows how to do huevos rancheros right. An obligatory corn tortilla is smothered with cafe style over easy eggs and traditional refried beans. Here traditional ‘New Mexican Dining’ is … Continue reading

Sadie's huevos rancheros

Sadie’s of New Mexico

Indeed a “staple in the Albuquerque community”, Sadie’s of New Mexico‘s huevos rancheros do NOT disappoint! In fact, they are high up on my craving list now for sure. Unique in their own way, Sadie’s aims to please in the overall huevos department. A table full of good food with good eggs, yet everything surrounding … Continue reading

Casa de Benavidez huevos rancheros

Casa de Benavidez

4th Street in the North Valley sports some quaint shops, eating places, and residential delights. Casa de Benavidez is right at home here, with the eating establishment in front and the carryout and cafe in the back. Somehow I knew the huevos rancheros here would be yummy. Indeed they are! So, out comes the plate … Continue reading