Zs and Ts

ZS & T’s Great Grub

Albuquerque harbors mom & pop shops and eateries in random strip malls that one otherwise might not pay much attention to. I’m glad I took a chance on ZS & T’s Great Grub for today’s huevos rancheros outing. Like all good local haunts ought to be, they do things in their own unique way- and … Continue reading

Flying Star

Flying Star Cafe

Flying Star Cafe‘s mission is to, “fly below the radar of the larger chains and to cook where no one has cooked before!” Well, I love meeting below the radar of those pesky chains, especially with some of our beloved Albuquerque and New Mexico local “chains”. You KNOW the huevos rancheros will be better this … Continue reading

Garcia's huevos rancheros


At an Albuquerque staple, Garcia’s, or The Original Garcia’s Kitchen, one expects to find traditional huevos rancheros, among other delicious New Mexican cuisine. One would be right. “Fresh, hand-prepared, New Mexican cuisine at a reasonable price” indeed. The huevos, perfectly prepared, are definitely in there over corn tortillas and alongside papitas and very refried beans. The … Continue reading

Chile Rio huevos rancheros

Chile Rio

Jumping at the chance to try a new place for huevos rancheros is a no-brainer! And thus, a trip is had with fellow huevos cohorts to Albuquerque’s Chile Rio where rivers run red and green. Having been open less than 2 weeks was no deterrent to good huevos rancheros. Sitting in the festive and fun … Continue reading



As I make my way towards the inevitable huevos rancheros meal in my immediate future, I find myself sitting in a festive setting, listening to mariachi music, and enjoying complementary chips and salsa. I must be in Albuquerque, and it must be Garduno’s– a place that goes back in my family’s history. Garduno’s huevos are … Continue reading

Milly's huevos rancheros


As I eat and enjoy my huevos rancheros at Milly’s Restaurant, it occurs to me that a good diner, such as this, is a great start for the huevos novice interested in jumping on the bandwagon del rancheros. Atop perfectly softened corn tortillas are the most typical huevos rancheros ingredients: eggs with both chiles, cheese, hashbrowns, … Continue reading

Mick's Chile Fix huevos rancheros

Mick’s Chile Fix

Bang for your buck and a big-mouth bite is the brevity of my stop for huevos rancheros at Mick’s Chile Fix today. I had no idea where I was going when I went out driving around for lunch, but I did have an inkling I might find myself some great huevos. That I did. I can’t believe … Continue reading

Fiesta's huevos rancheros


Fiesta’s Restaurant & Lounge is one of those places that you might drive by a million times before you think about stopping in for food. I hope you do. I’m sure they do other things well, but they certainly have done a good job with their version of huevos rancheros. A colorful plate carries colorful … Continue reading

Richards Mexican Restaurant huevos rancheros


Huevos rancheros at Richard’s Mexican Restaurant is something to come home to when needed. A mom & pop feel, Richard’s is known for food “prepared with only the freshest ingredients, low sodium and no cholesterol oils”. Thus, my delicious fresh eggs dance with said ingredients. Over corn tortillas sit soft boiled red potatoes and soft … Continue reading