My definition: delicious!

Dictionary.com definition: a Latin American dish of eggs, usually fried or poached, topped with a spicy tomato sauce and sometimes served on a fried corn tortilla with the addition of vegetables and cheese.

Wikipedia definition: a classic Mexican breakfast dish popular throughout much of the Americas consisting of eggs served in the style of the traditional large mid-morning fare on poor farms. The basic dish consists of fried eggs served upon lightly fried corn tortillas topped with a tomato-chili sauce. Refried beans, slices of avocado, or guacamole may accompany the dish.

No matter which way you slice it, huevos rancheros makes me happy at least once a week as I begin my journey across New Mexico to try as many different versions as I can. And then report back to you. Do I have my favorites? Yes! But this isn’t about me; it’s about the beautiful variations on a moonlight (or in this case “egg”) theme.

I hope you enjoy the journey as much as I do… cheers! Aye-yi-yi-yi.


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    • Hey Andrea– Very cool… I have 3-4 more I need to upload, but I’d love this to be a bigger thing with contests for the next huevos partner, etc. (I’ve got A LOT to go!) Keep me posted on the Journal thing, would love to engage with that. Huevos rancheros are such a cool NM thing! Feel free to reach me at ofproductions@yahoo.com.
      Take care,

    • Ms. Dukecityfood, I’m hard-pressed to say “the best”, but a few places that come to mind thus far: Sadie’s giant corn tortilla, Perea’s, and Los Compadres. Also, remember mine are always in-tandem with huevos rancheros. 🙂 Of course, recommendations are always welcome!

    • Well, I’m not really on the lookout specifically for “the hottest” or “the best” of any particular ingredient, because I love the variety of tastes, but the hottest I recall as far as where I’ve been for huevos rancheros are Mick’s Chile Fix, and Los Cuates. Roper’s green chile gravy was no mild walk in the park, so I might point you that way as well. Personally, rather than the green chile being “hot”, I’d prefer a good clean fresh roasted lingering taste with some heat, but not overpowering, and that seeps into every bite. Happy hot search!

  1. OMG, What a Labor of Love to have run across on Valentine’s Day! If I may, I’d like to share a slight alternative to the concoctions of most restaurants and provide this for home cookery:

    Three “disclaimers”:
    1) I’m not a cook, so please forgive my missing technical terms.
    2) This is not my ’creation’, but that of my late Chicana who turned me on to her version of HR via the Barrio de Five Points.
    3) Traditionally, folks tend to associate eggs with breakfast; personally, I like hers for supper.
    And a w a y we go!
    In a corn tortilla size fry pan, heat just enough oil to cover a tortilla. Heat oil till it sizzles when you spit a little in it – Ok, use a couple of drops of water. Slide in a corn (yellow) tortilla. Tightly blink your eyes 3ish times; turn tortilla over with tongs and repeat; take out to drain on a paper towel. You want to master them being flexible, but without floppy limpmess, i.e. initially ya end up “wasting” a few till you get your ‘personal’ timing down. Prepare two of them for this extravaganza.

    While heating Refried Beans (i.e. not Baastan baked beans and if ya don‘t ‘do‘ your own refrieds, Rosarita‘s will do) and having diced onions/tomatoes and shredded lettuce at hand, begin frying an egg in the pan ya just used, without the oil. Generously slather some refried beans (yes refrieds vs whole makes a diff) on a tortilla. Now cooked, slide your medium fried egg onto the beans (it’s the sweetness of a runny yolk which adds to the overall flavorful taste experience!) Next, generously, i.e. a handful, cover with grated cheese. Now, generously cover with heated chopped, i.e. nowhere near minced, green chile, which contains several TBSs of water or beef broth. Recommended: to the chile, add some sautéed, diced, tender beef along with hand squished tomatoes; sprinkle with powdered garlic. Picture a chile mixture that has a tad bit of ’juice’, but is way far from being a pureed glop, but still slightly ’wet’ to soften the tortillas as you eat. Almost finally, sprinkle on a handful or two of diced onion, then tomato, and then shredded lettuce. Top with the second corn tortilla and press down gently. Again, in preparing your tortillas, you want to get them so you are able to slice through them with a steak knife, but you don’t want them wimpy. I like to eat this with saltines with a slight dollop of margarine and a cerveza, both of which can help to ’manage’ the heat if need be for being a Gringo….LOL. Please note: the healthy thing about New Mexican food is you DO NOT NEED TO ADD SALT….enjoy the taste of the chile itself in addition to it‘s heat! Oh Oh! What’s this version called you ask? Huevos de Los Ranchos. Muy Sabrosa; Bon Appetite; “Chow“!

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