Perea’s New Mexican Restaurant

Head east, yon Albuquerque, and other, chile-goers! There’s a little place called Perea’s New Mexican Restaurant that happened to be my latest huevos rancheros jaunt, and it proved rife with both green and red of said chile.

When ordering huevos at Perea’s, I had many choices to make: eggs cooked how? beans or hash browns or both? refried or whole? corn or flour? Of course, I chose eggs over-medium, both hash browns and whole pintos, and corn. And, of course, the eggs, and everything else, came out perfect.

Perea's New Mexican Restaurant huevos rancheros

Perea’s New Mexican Restaurant huevos rancheros

The presentation was like a New Mexican eggs benedict: the eggs were draped over the side items- whole pinto beans, tasty and just the right consistency; and classic hash browns. Cheddar cheese was sprinkled over the eggs, and the entire plate was smothered by Christmas.

The super-tasty green chile had a medium heat, a natural sweetness roasted and chopped, and a sauciness such that I would be inclined to top this over A LOT. The red was bright and peppery, intense yet deeply-satisfying with a bit more than medium heat. The taste of the green is what stuck the most with me at Perea’s, though I was happy with the red too. The restaurant touts Certified New Mexico Chile, and I believe them.

The visit was all about the food; there is no nonsense about this family-friendly, and likely always busy on the weekends, restaurant. I now know why: This is what New Mexico tastes like.


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