Chile Bowl

On a chilly winter Sunday I find myself wandering towards the Chile Bowl, a Taste of New Mexico, just North of Downtown Albuquerque on 4th Street. Score! This is the right place for today’s huevos rancheros outing, as the location is in-city, yet it feels like I made my way to the ranch…

Chile Bowl huevos rancheros

Chile Bowl huevos rancheros

Looks delicious, huh? Over light corn tortillas sit eggs cooked to order smothered with chiles and refried beans and potatoes on the side. It appears very flat, but trust me the tastes are not; there is much depth and color as in the traditional chiles of red and green.

The green chile is a delicious mild chile stewed with tomatoes and light spices. Though mild in heat, the taste is wide and mixes nicely with everything on the plate. The bright red chile is fulfilling with a deeper tasty New Mexican red flavor without the hot heat one might expect. The red too is mild, but I don’t feel like anything is missing.

I like the way everything runs into the other. The half-refried beans are almost ranch style in taste, and the soft potatoes are a nice complement in consistency. Cheddar cheese is sprinkled over it all, and a hearty flour tortilla is served on the side. For kicks, and because ’tis the season, I order a “small” posole. Scrumptious, of course, and mild.

I enjoy my time on the ranch, complete with country music in the background, and I feel well taken care of with fresh coffee, yummy food, and good service. And I definitely feel like I’ve had a good Taste of New Mexico here at the Chile Bowl.


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