El Charritos

At El Charritos, on Central Avenue on the west side, there is a difference between breakfast and lunch huevos rancheros. However, I don’t think there is much difference having to do with the amount of food one can fit on a plate! This place comes recommended, and it does appear to be a local favorite, generous with its delicious chiles.

El Charritos huevos rancheros

El Charritos huevos rancheros

On the hidden bed of lightly fried corn tortillas, it is true eggs are somewhere in there too under that beautiful setting of red and green chiles. Breakfast version comes with refried beans and papitas with a flour tortilla; lunch version comes with Spanish rice and sopapillas- I have a hybrid of both.

The green chile is a hearty stew full of chopped sweeter tasting chiles with a medium heat that stays towards the front of my mouth. The bright smoky red is a darker, warmer, deeper heat, though still about a medium hot that lingers in the back of my mouth.

The refried beans are classic, and the papitas seem more for texture than for taste. A smattering of cheddar cheese and lettuce and tomato garnish top the plate. Sopapillas are delicious and storybook in taste and consistency. Mmmm, my favorite dessert: sopas with honey! Thought I can’t finish everything on my plate, I still must finish my sopapilla. The rest: to go. Wouldn’t want these chiles to go to waste.


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