Placitas Cafe

A dusty road on a gorgeous fall day wound around and up the hill to The Placitas Cafe. I am so thankful for the ‘huevos problem’ the folks there claimed they could fix. They fixed it good!

Placitas Cafe huevos rancheros

Placitas Cafe huevos rancheros

Sitting at an artsy rustic cowgirl table with chairs to match (for sale), I don’t think twice about covering up the art with amazing huevos! Classic corn tortillas with excellent eggs, wonderful chiles, and sides of perfect whole pintos and papitas. In for a treat with the varied textures and tastes, everything on the plate flows together magnificently. The papitas are like mini-me fries delicately seasoned. Just the right dusting of a combination cheddar and mozzarella cheese blend covers the beans and huevos.

The green chile welcomes me with a hot heat that subsides after a few bites of the chopped and stewed delight. The taste is of freshly roasted green chiles with just the right amount of peripheral ingredients. The red chile makes me happy. It is a deep smoky red with a medium heat, more subtle than the green. The taste grows on me, as does the spiciness, and I must have a little side of more red to finish everything off.

A flour tortilla is offered on the side, and the ordered side of bacon is crispy and tasty. Coffee is fresh- self serve, we pull our mugs from the drawer as if we’re right at home. The staff is friendly, and I am reminded to say “please” when I ask for more of that red! I couldn’t help it- I lost my mind in the tastes, 70’s music playing, and all the New Mexican art. I suspect I’ll be back up this hill again very soon.


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