Greenside Cafe

When one lives at the the base of a big beautiful mountain in New Mexico, one must, on occasion, go to the mountain, drive around the mountain, and find a nice place to find huevos rancheros on the mountain. In this case, we go to the green side of Sandia Mountain. To the Greenside Cafe. The Greenside’s huevos hit the spot on this misty, light-snow, and great clouds kind of day.

Greenside Cafe huevos rancheros

Greenside Cafe huevos rancheros

At the Greenside, they start with white corn tortillas and eggs with a choice of pinto or black beans, along with the choice of chiles, and pan potatoes. I choose the black beans, Christmas, and there’s so much on the plate they have to serve my yummy, just-rightly-cooked potatoes on the side; however, it is not long before I make room to add them on the plate so they can mix in with the beautifully done black beans and chiles. A tasteful topping of cheddar cheese and lettuce and tomato garnish completes the package.

I’m impressed with the red chile even before I try it, as today’s huevos partner exclaims, “This is the kind of red chile I dream about.” It is darn good, sweet at first bite, then matures at the back with a smoky medium spice that makes me long for the next bite. A deep red and very nice consistency. The green chile is light and fresh, without the smoky roasted flavor I’m used to and prefer, but it’s still good. An added option is green chile and cheese on the potatoes, which seems very fitting.

For fun, we order a tortilla on the side, as nothing else comes with the huevos, and with good reason: I cannot finish the delectable food on the plate. It is so good; it is hard to stop. I take the rest home, with another side of red chile. Besides the food, the Greenside servers “Fresh Squeezed Coffee”, of which I order a cappuccino; all come double. There’s something about being on the mountain and enjoying good, hearty food with great service on a cold, spring day.


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