I’ve been meaning to try Caliente’s New Mexican Restaurant for a while, and today is finally the day. For great food, not to mention a Sunday Brunch Buffet, I’m surprised more locals aren’t packing the place. I’m here specifically to try the huevos rancheros, mentioned in Andrea Feucht’s Food Lovers Guide to Santa Fe, Albuquerque, and Taos. She’s right, the huevos are worth mentioning!

Caliente's huevos rancherosCaliente's huevos rancheros

Caliente’s huevos rancheros

I am pleased to see the traditional serving over soft corn tortillas, and stoked to have to choose two sides from a nice list of choices. I choose calabacitas, a healthier option consisting of squash, zucchini, roasted corn and onions; and “home style” beans made Serrano peppers, served in a side cup as if a soup. A tasteful coating of melted cheese tops most everything. The green and red chile tops that, and this time around, the eggs top everything along with a light lettuce, tomato, and black olive garnish.

I absolutely love the calabacitas! So tasty, not overcooked, and I can taste the vegetables as well as the sauce they rode in on. They mix very well with especially the green chile. The beans are delicious too, and after a few bites in order to clear some space I pour them onto the plate on the red chile side. I am perfectly fine with strategic food-crossover when it comes to huevos rancheros.

The green chile is a beautifully made from scratch mild green, complete with roasted goodness and a hint of sweet, no meat involved in the process. Anyone could try this green without worry of catching on fire. The red chile has more head, particularly as the taste sets in after a few bites, but is still a mild to medium. The deep red is slow cooked, and very flavorful. The green is so good, but my favorite here is the red. It is worth reading about the cooking of the chiles on Caliente’s website front page.

A small flour tortilla is served on the side, but the plate full of great food doesn’t even need it. Satisfied with Caliente’s authentic New Mexican food, I am ready for the day. Oh, the coffee is fresh too, and service friendly. The customers in today seem like they are repeat customers, and I soon will be one too!



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