ZS & T’s Great Grub

Albuquerque harbors mom & pop shops and eateries in random strip malls that one otherwise might not pay much attention to. I’m glad I took a chance on ZS & T’s Great Grub for today’s huevos rancheros outing. Like all good local haunts ought to be, they do things in their own unique way- and the huevos here feel good to eat.

ZS & T's huevos rancheros

ZS & T’s huevos rancheros

Starting with the basics, the corn tortillas that line the plate are perfectly soft with taste and for cutting into. The kicker here is the ground beef hidden between tortillas, a la enchilada style. It’s not a chilaqua, but simply well made and lightly seasoned ground beef. This makes the dish more filling, but it makes sense here in an establishment that touts its food as “made with love”. Eggs are cooked to order with a nice smattering of cheddar jack cheese, chiles, and light lettuce and tomato garnish.

Sides are excellent and flavorful in a natural way lightly refried beans, and pan cooked potatoes made just right- completely cooked and crispy around the edges. I don’t like undercooked pan potatoes, and so many places undercook. Not here. The sides are the right consistency and just the right amount to complete the meal.

The green chile sauce seems like a family recipe using tasty chopped green chile with a little bite, almost a medium heat. Maybe a good introduction to green chile for the novice. The red is a peppery red with a quicker and deeper heat than the green, but the taste doesn’t linger and spread as well as the green. Next time I’ll ask for a bit more of both because they soak up too quickly with the ground beef.

Obligatory and typical flour tortilla served on the side. The fresh pot of coffee is good, the atmosphere is family and community friendly, and there are crayons to draw on the giant paper covering the table. Yes, those are the mountains in the background, just under the plate! Thus, I am happy to know now that  ZS’s and T’s is a beloved local joint serving “Great Grub!”


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