Flying Star Cafe

Flying Star Cafe‘s mission is to, “fly below the radar of the larger chains and to cook where no one has cooked before!” Well, I love meeting below the radar of those pesky chains, especially with some of our beloved Albuquerque and New Mexico local “chains”. You KNOW the huevos rancheros will be better this way. Fresh and interesting indeed, as well as delicious… this full and beautiful plate of food!

Flying Star Cafe huevos rancheros

Flying Star Cafe huevos rancheros

On a giant flour tortilla are ranch style whole pinto beans and pan potatoes smothered with chiles and cheese. Almost like a huevos casserole. Yes, the fresh eggs made to order are in there too. The rich, tomato-y red and smoky green chiles mix and match well together with a medium heat between the two. The potatoes add a nice dimension to the mix.

There is no way I can eat it all! So, instead I take my time and enjoy another cup of amazing Flying Star Cafe coffee- some of the best in town. I’m happy to report these huevos are some that will continue to call my name. That, and the ambiance at any of the funky locales all over town, are enough to draw in the curious at heart and hungry at belly.



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