El Patio

El Patio is a quaint little place that has been around the UNM area of Albuquerque for a long time, serving their brand of homemade New Mexican food. Their huevos rancheros makes me a believer in their brand! On top of typical corn tortillas are perfectly cooked eggs and delicious chiles of both red and green.

El Patio huevos rancheros

El Patio huevos rancheros

Sides served are lightly refried whole pinto beans and soft pan potatoes. I like to order the potatoes a little crispy. A soft lettuce and tomato garnish along with a just for taste sprinkling of cheddar cheese top the plate. The green chile is a chopped green sauce stewed to perfection with just enough heat to warm up nicely, but not take over. A happy medium. The red chile is a deep and bright rusty color with just the right oil separation. The immediate red peppery medium heat lingers pleasantly allowing for tastes of other items to factor in, but hints at “must take another bite ASAP!” I easily finish my place of food here.

The homemade fresh sopapilla is sweet and light in nature, yet filling and delicious. Chips and tasty salsa are always a good start, and coffee or cerveza rounds out a filling and delightful meal. El Patio can get busy in the colder months when the patio is closed, but is worth the wait. The patio in the warmer months is the place to enjoy great huevos and watch the passersby!


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