Slate Street Cafe

Open and light urban ambiance coupled with yummy modern comfort-type food leads one to try huevos rancheros at Slate Street Cafe. Urban huevos are served here!

Slate Street Cafe huevos rancheros

Even the presentation is muy chic. Perfectly cooked eggs are served atop corn tortillas, and the sole side is crispy, nicely spiced-up hashbrowns. It’s so pretty, I’m not sure I want to dive in- but the white cheese! I must. There is a savory white cheddar strategically melted over everything. I can’t imagine anything more inviting me to bite.

Well, I take that back. The menu states that the chiles are Duran’s chiles (feel free to reference an earlier huevos post on Duran Central Pharmacy for further details), so I found something inviting as the white cheese. I know one can’t go wrong with tasty chopped green chile with a mild spice, or a straightforward red with medium heat; just enough of both to not drown out the other subtle spices done the Slate Street way. That way is great taste and great consistency overall.

Another fun aspect of Slate Street is the mimosa at noon on a Sunday. The coffee is good, strong, and fresh, but the mimosa makes the day even more sunny… after the huevos of course. Cheers!


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