At an Albuquerque staple, Garcia’s, or The Original Garcia’s Kitchen, one expects to find traditional huevos rancheros, among other delicious New Mexican cuisine. One would be right. “Fresh, hand-prepared, New Mexican cuisine at a reasonable price” indeed.

Garcia’s huevos rancheros

The huevos, perfectly prepared, are definitely in there over corn tortillas and alongside papitas and very refried beans. The way these are cooked tastes homemade and familiar for sure.

The red chile is a bright and peppery red with medium spice and an excellent taste that lingers without burning. The green chile is a roasted mild-medium no surprises green.

A big, delicious homemade flour tortilla is served on the side, perfect with butter and salt. Coffee is hot, and service is friendly. Needless to say, my huevos companion of the day and I are happy with our colorful and tasty Garcia’s meal. Note: I remember trying Garcia’s years ago in the Northeast Heights, and I remember the huevos rancheros made  differently. So, it might be worth a try to check out several locations to see what the beautiful differences are; no problemo- because they are all over town!


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