Cocina Azul

Cocina Azul is indeed a great place to “Get your chile on!” In fact, as one drives by this little gem off 12th & Mountain, there is a sign mentioning one of their most popular dishes: huevos rancheros! But of course, that is why are here…

Cocina Azul’s huevos are delicious, no-nonsense and fulfilling.

Cocina Azul huevos rancheros

Over corn tortillas are delicious eggs, hash browns, whole pinto beans, red and green chiles with melted cheese and a light garnish.

I was drawn to the red chile to begin with, a bright red-orange peppery medium-hot red that grows on me with each bite. This is the right choice; even though hot, the taste lingers just long enough to want more as it merges into the green. The green chile is a comforting green, a classic chopped roasted green with a medium heat.

A flour tortilla is served on the side. Coffee is tasty and fresh, service is good and friendly, location convenient to Old Town and downtown. A great place, this bright blue (azul) building called Cocina Azul– to stop off and “Get your chile on!”


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