Jimmy’s Cafe

Jimmy’s Cafe is a fun family-friendly place to eat, even if your name doesn’t happen to be Jim, Jimmy, James… and Jimmy’s knows well how to put together some yummy huevos rancheros.

Jimmy’s Cafe huevos rancheros

Packed, as always, Jimmy’s produces a nice plate of corn tortillas hidden under a pile of perfect cafe eggs, New Mexico red and green chiles, tasty ranch style pinto beans, and hash browns. A light lettuce and tomato garnish tops, and melty cheese is scattered throughout.

The chopped lightly roasted green chile is light in color and medium in heat. The red has a good bite, a bit hotter than the green. Neither lingers more than a bite or 2; friendly chile, just like Jimmy’s Cafe itself.

A flour tortilla is served on the side, and there is plenty to mop up. Especially the cheesy bites. Coffee is fresh, and every which way I look I see a “Jimmy”. I wonder how many of those Jimmys have tried huevos rancheros…


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