Cocina Azul huevos rancheros

Cocina Azul

Cocina Azul is indeed a great place to “Get your chile on!” In fact, as one drives by this little gem off 12th & Mountain, there is a sign mentioning one of their most popular dishes: huevos rancheros! But of course, that is why are here… Cocina Azul’s huevos are delicious, no-nonsense and fulfilling. Over … Continue reading

Jimmy's Cafe huevos rancheros

Jimmy’s Cafe

Jimmy’s Cafe is a fun family-friendly place to eat, even if your name doesn’t happen to be Jim, Jimmy, James… and Jimmy’s knows well how to put together some yummy huevos rancheros. Packed, as always, Jimmy’s produces a nice plate of corn tortillas hidden under a pile of perfect cafe eggs, New Mexico red and … Continue reading