Murphy’s Mule Barn

Murphy’s Mule Barn is one of those places I feel compelled to try because it seems unequivocally “local” in its rural North Valley location near larger patches of land just outside of town. And I love it when local haunts include regional dishes such as huevos rancheros. Yup, they got ’em.

Murphy’s Mule Barn huevos rancheros

In this country diner, huevos arrive atop flour tortilla diner-cooked to order drenched in red and green chiles with cheddar-jack cheese on top. Boiled soft pan potatoes and whole pintos, almost ranch style, are the sides.

At first glance it is hard to tell the red from the green, which is fine because they mix and merge like gravy. The red chile is a rusty subtle ranchero red with a little kick in spice, but just enough to keep things interesting. The green chile is a thicker pork-flavored roasted green with milder heat.

No sides are served, but my order of crispy bacon is very good, as I would expect. Coffee is diner fresh too. On the whole, Murphy’s huevos rancheros are hearty with a good all around consistency. One could easily till a field with the energy this plate of food provides. It’s worth a little drive out to the country and a little change in the pocket to spend on a hearty appetite.


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