El Pinto

One takes out of town visitors to places like El Pinto Restaurant and Cantina. Groups also celebrate weddings, anniversaries, coming of age parties and the like at El Pinto. I have done both. But today the reason for my visit to this New Mexican establishment is pure huevos rancheros. And some nice summer scenery on a gorgeous patio.

I am not disappointed at all with my experience. The huevos are simple and colorful, on a flour tortilla topped with eggs, whole pintos, papitas, a nice swatch of cheddar cheese, both chiles, and a lettuce and tomato garnish.

El Pinto huevos rancheros

Eggs are perfectly cooked, beans whole and sweet, chunky papitas crispy around the edges cooked with some peppers and onion. When ordering, the server asks me if I’d like mild or hot chile. Only a place like El Pinto would ask such a question and provide the choice. I opt in for a medium, of which the red is very much so. A heat I can taste along with admire its bright color and traditional oily red and smooth consistency. The green is hotter, sweeter, chunky, stewed with tomatoes and its heat lingers more than the red.

Sopapillas are served on the side, and delicious hearty crunchy yellow corn tortilla chips and just-right spicy salsa is served once seated. I enjoy a small side of guacamole with the yummy chips. Coffee is fresh, and so are the bright and young servers taking care of the ever arriving patrons on the patio before it gets too hot. Sure, the price here his higher than other restaurants, but I’m taking in the atmosphere as part of the cost of enjoyment, which today is just fine. Finally, as I depart, in comes in one of those parties of people celebrating something, making my visit quite circular.


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