Chile Rio

Jumping at the chance to try a new place for huevos rancheros is a no-brainer! And thus, a trip is had with fellow huevos cohorts to Albuquerque’s Chile Rio where rivers run red and green. Having been open less than 2 weeks was no deterrent to good huevos rancheros.

Chile Rio huevos rancheros

Sitting in the festive and fun dining room, plates of huevos are brought to the table just as the cart of tableside guacamole is deep into its avocado peeling. On a large corn tortilla is a tres-queso mix with eggs and lovely pools of red and green chiles. The sides are pan fried potatoes cooked to a nice consistency and tasty whole pintos. A light lettuce garnish tops along with a slice of orange.

I really like homemade large corn tortillas! The eggs are beautiful when cut into and mixed into the chiles. The red is a medium heat and a good solid red taste, smooth and satisfying. I am fine with the red spilling into all the food crevices available. The green is a classic mild roasted green chile taste, slightly smokey and also complementary to anything on the plate. This is why I choose Christmas. Small flour tortillas are served to the side to help mop up the gifts.

Otherwise, fresh yellow corn tortilla chips and red and green salsas are brought to the table when we first are seated. Chips of flour tortilla are also brought with the tableside guacamole- which is truly delicious. [Note to self: must return soon to sit on patio for sunset with Mexican beer and tableside guac.] Coffee is fresh, and the Bloody Mary of one of my huevos partners is given a thumbs up.

It is funny- there is something familiar about the taste of the food, and I am not surprised to find out that Chile Rio is owned and operated by a former lead chef of the historic Garduno’s, as well as YesterDave himself and his daughters. Cheers to rivers of chile, may they run deep and long!


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