Papa Felipe’s

A personal Albuquerque historic Mexican restaurant for me is Papa Felipe’s. Not surprisingly, Papa’s has a few huevos rancheros options. Today I order off the menu as it comes (there is also a “Traditional Huevos Rancheros” on the everyday specials card for meals ordered between 11:30 AM and 5:00 PM). I am not disappointed.

Papa Felipe’s huevos rancheros

Compactly set upon the plate is a flour tortilla with ground beef and the 2 chiles hiding under a crown of eggs cooked to order. Do not let this compactness fool you- there is a lot of food here! There is an option for sides, and today I choose whole beans and papitas. The whole beans are nicely cooked with a good taste. I remember Papa Felipe’s always did the basics right: refried beans and Spanish rice; thus, I figured I’d try something different. The papitas were chunks of boiled potatoes then pan fried for a bit of crispness around the edges offering a pleasant consistency to the meal. Onions, lettuce, tomato, and cheese garnish tops.

The green chile is yummy- a comfort green, chopped and roasted with bits of char, stewed with tomatoes and meat. Mild to medium heat, and I must order an additional side to spread throughout this meal. The red chile is a bit hotter, a medium spice and a nice smooth and deep red that seeps into the beef making it taste something akin to a Texas chili. Interesting how foods mix together.

A delicious and perfectly cooked sopapilla is served on the side, of which I keep as much as possible to fill with honey as “dessert”. Yellow corn chips and tasty, mild and smooth salsa is served as soon as I sit at the table. Coffee is fresh, and really good with honey to sweeten. Great service too. All in all, Papa Felipe’s is still the festive family-oriented restaurant I remember. Just like the to-go box I have to take my leftovers in. 🙂


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