Barelas Coffee Shop

South of downtown Albuquerque in the historic Barelas neighborhood, is the home of some delicious huevos rancheros at none other than the Barelas Coffee Shop. Today we sit on the patio, and huevos is the perfect lunch of the day.

Barelas Coffee Shop huevos rancheros

Over corn tortillas are eggs just a bit overcooked, not too surprising seeing how bustling the lunch crowd is. I easily forgive because the chiles make me happy.

The sides are whole pintos cooked just right, fresh and tasty, and hash browns. Nothing exciting, but the consistencies altogether are a great mix.

The green chile has a really good taste, stewed fresh and meaty. I end up adding green to almost every bite. The red has a subtle taste and traditional consistency, also with meat, that becomes spicy as she goes but does not take over the taste of the food. I am typically a red fan, but I prefer the green today.

A homemade flour tortilla is served on the side, slightly dry, but fine with butter and salt to help get all the chile off the plate. I order a side of carne adovada, as its reputation proceeds it. The meat melts in my mouth, and the taste is a little on the tangy side but I can clearly taste the chile all through every bite. Overall a good lunch visit, and I leave sated with a slight bite in my mouth.



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