Papa Felipe's huevos rancheros

Papa Felipe’s

A personal Albuquerque historic Mexican restaurant for me is Papa Felipe’s. Not surprisingly, Papa’s has a few huevos rancheros options. Today I order off the menu as it comesĀ (there is also a “Traditional Huevos Rancheros” on the everyday specials card for meals ordered between 11:30 AM and 5:00 PM). I am not disappointed. Compactly set … Continue reading

Barelas Coffee Shop huevos rancheros

Barelas Coffee Shop

South of downtown Albuquerque in the historic Barelas neighborhood, is the home of some delicious huevos rancheros at none other than the Barelas Coffee Shop. Today we sit on the patio, and huevos is the perfect lunch of the day. Over corn tortillas are eggs just a bit overcooked, not too surprising seeing how bustling … Continue reading



As I make my way towards the inevitable huevos rancheros meal in my immediate future, I find myself sitting in a festive setting, listening to mariachi music, and enjoying complementary chips and salsa. I must be in Albuquerque, and it must be Garduno’s– a place that goes back in my family’s history. Garduno’s huevos are … Continue reading