Rey’s Place

When headed North on Edith, I’m told to “Look for the blue guitar!” in order to check out Rey’s Place for huevos rancheros. Obviously, I have no problem finding it, and I’m glad I did. At Rey’s, the menu simply states, “Huevos Rancheros”. No explanation needed.

Rey’s Place huevos rancheros

With lightly refried beans and thinly sliced papitas as the sides, the eggs are cooked to order atop soft corn tortillas. A light dusting of cheddar cheese tops everything, and you can clearly see the Christmas on this plate.

The green is delicious; I could eat this green with almost anything. It’s a medium hot heat with lingering taste and heat (usually it’s one or the other). This green chile is the perfect roasted green chile color- if I were to imagine what green looks like having never seen it before.

Zow! The red chile here is for those who have said their prayers. It is HOT. An excellent first taste, and then the heat hits me and pleasantly threatens to stay all day. I did a taste-test in the beginning, so kept a bit of the green around to finish off with and tone down the temp of this red temptress. Rey’s does not mess around with mild chile.

A flour tortilla comes on the side, and I order bacon out of curiosity- thick cut and cooked crispy to order. The coffee is fresh is served in a large green-chile-colored mug. Hmm, another hint that I really like this green! Rey’s Place is another neat North Valley gem, a funky family diner, friendly, and intriguingly delicious. I may have to return to try the so-called “Mexican Donut”.


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  1. Tried Rey’s for the first time 7/26/13. I saw a photo of Grandma’s Tacos’ and had to try them. They looked and tasted just like my mom used to make, Rey even added papitas to the meat upon request as my mom made them. The rice was also just like mom made, not the typical Albuquerque ‘NM mexican rice’ at all the other places that look and taste like Rice-a Roni. This rice was nice, moist and fluffy. The salsa was what I’d been looking for and craving but could not find, a pureed jalapeno salsa and the chips were cooked fresh. Why the other NM mexican restaurants in town can’t make homemade chips is beyond me. I will definitely go back. Lots of stuff to try if I can get away from ordering the homemade crispy tacos.

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