Ned’s on Rio Grande

Ned’s is the kind of Albuquerque bar & grill / dive bar that I’d expect to have good huevos rancheros. Yup, I’m right. They are pretty darn good here at Ned’s on Rio Grande. It doesn’t matter that they call it a skillet dish. Huevos is huevos. And I enjoy all the different types and flavors available.

Ned’s huevos rancheros

Sure enough, my huevos rancheros skillet appears with yummy skillet potatoes and tasty whole pintos over corn tortillas, eggs, a nice smattering of cheese and light garnish of lettuce and tomato on top. Flour tortilla on the side.

The green chile is really good with big chunks of tasty roasted green chile and a medium heat to help keep warm in the late Spring pre-storm cool breeze. A perfect day for huevos on the patio.

The red chile is very good too with its mild to medium fresh and light red chile taste. The red is a nice ending to sop up anything left on the plate with the flour tortilla- while the taste of the green lingers still.

Nothing surprising here at Ned’s, a day with friends, fresh coffee, maybe a brunch cocktail depending on the person… that’s what Ned’s is good for: friends, family, and fun. The locals know!


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