As I eat and enjoy my huevos rancheros at Milly’s Restaurant, it occurs to me that a good diner, such as this, is a great start for the huevos novice interested in jumping on the bandwagon del rancheros. Atop perfectly softened corn tortillas are the most typical huevos rancheros ingredients: eggs with both chiles, cheese, hashbrowns, whole pintos garnished with lettuce and tomato. Obligatory flour tortilla on the side.

Milly’s huevos rancheros

The eggs of course are cooked exactly to order, a diner’s breakfast specialty. The hashbrowns are diner delicious and crispy in the right places. The whole pintos are exactly that, retaining their basic pinto taste and not hiding under overwhelming stock or spice.

The main reason I say Milly’s might be a good novice huevos rancheros is that the chiles are tasty but not too spicy for an introductee. The red chile is really a ranchero red, mild yet offering a nice touch of filling taste. The green is a clear brothy gravy of chopped green stewed with bits of ground beef. Mild and meaty with an introduction to the distinct taste of green chile. A nice layer of cheddar-jack cheese covers both chiles for consistency and that extra somethin-somethin that makes huevos go round.

Other than the nondescript flour tortilla on the side (okay with butter and salt, but I’ll insert my suggestion to Albuquerque area restaurants that serve these boring flour tortillas: throw ’em out and outsource Frontier flour tortillas!), everything is lovely and delicious. The coffee is fresh and hot, and the friendly Milly’s atmosphere leaves me sated for the day.


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