Charlie’s Front and Back Door

Today is Cinco de Mayo, and my huevos rancheros radar has pointed me towards Charlie’s. A tough decision, but today I choose New Mexican food at Charlie’s Front Door. I’ll hit Charlie’s Back Door next time, when I’m in a darker and more imbibing mood. I can’t believe it has taken me this long to try Charlie’s huevos rancheros. They are nothing less than I thought they would be. Just look at that red…

Charlie’s Front Door huevos rancheros

Sure enough, just different from the “norm” and yet filling and satisfying with yummy eye and mouth-filling flavor, these huevos receive kudos from me. Starting with a homemade, tasty and hearty flour tortilla, eggs are cooked perfectly and set to the side of traditional and natural-tasting refried beans- the only side (if you don’t count the tortilla which is in itself like a side). A healthy spattering of cheddar cheese tops the plate like molten lava, seeping into every bite.

The green chile is like I remember when I was young and not for the timid. The heat is enough to get my eyes watering and nose running, just like dad as he would use the extra from my ordering on the side as a child- and then ask for more. It is stewed, and a bonus piece of the meat sits on top. Even though it is hot, this green has a nice lingering flavor. I almost wish I started with the red… that is, until I tried the red.

I love this red! Aside from being a lovely deep yet bright in the right ways color, it has a subtle yet slightly peppery mild at first bite flavor whose spice slowly sneaks up on me and fills my mouth. It tastes just how it looks: rich, nice consistency, and well: red. There is enough on the plate for me to finish every bite, along with the tasty tortilla we started out with.

A fun, dive-like atmosphere, friendly next-door type service, good coffee and nice folks dining in, I look forward to my next visit to its counterpart, Charlie’s Back Door, where I’m sure that whatever I order has some of that tasty red chile.



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