Ned's huevos rancheros

Ned’s on Rio Grande

Ned’s is the kind of Albuquerque bar & grill / dive bar that I’d expect to have good huevos rancheros. Yup, I’m right. They are pretty darn good here at Ned’s on Rio Grande. It doesn’t matter that they call it a skillet dish. Huevos is huevos. And I enjoy all the different types and … Continue reading

Rey's Place huevos rancheros

Rey’s Place

When headed North on Edith, I’m told to “Look for the blue guitar!” in order to check out Rey’s Place for huevos rancheros. Obviously, I have no problem finding it, and I’m glad I did. At Rey’s, the menu simply states, “Huevos Rancheros”. No explanation needed. With lightly refried beans and thinly sliced papitas as … Continue reading

Charlie's Front Door huevos rancheros

Charlie’s Front and Back Door

Today is Cinco de Mayo, and my huevos rancheros radar has pointed me towards Charlie’s. A tough decision, but today I choose New Mexican food at Charlie’s Front Door. I’ll hit Charlie’s Back Door next time, when I’m in a darker and more imbibing mood. I can’t believe it has taken me this long to try Charlie’s … Continue reading

Milly's huevos rancheros


As I eat and enjoy my huevos rancheros at Milly’s Restaurant, it occurs to me that a good diner, such as this, is a great start for the huevos novice interested in jumping on the bandwagon del rancheros. Atop perfectly softened corn tortillas are the most typical huevos rancheros ingredients: eggs with both chiles, cheese, hashbrowns, … Continue reading