Mick’s Chile Fix

Bang for your buck and a big-mouth bite is the brevity of my stop for huevos rancheros at Mick’s Chile Fix today. I had no idea where I was going when I went out driving around for lunch, but I did have an inkling I might find myself some great huevos. That I did.

Mick's Chile Fix huevos rancheros

I can’t believe my luck as I walk in asking for huevos rancheros and it happens to be today’s special. Serendipity. I’m hungrier than I think as the plate full of colorful, if slightly muted, reds and greens and cheesy yellows arrives. There is a corn tortilla(s) soft at the bottom of it all. The eggs are perfectly cooked and hidden under a mound of chiles a la Christmas and cheddar cheese.

Sides are Spanish rice, refried beans, and hash browns (or ‘mash browns’, either way yummy.) Nothing special about any of these; however, the portions are just right for so many sides, and the consistency overall is just good. As a whole, these huevos are filling and delicious, perfect for a Monday.

The green chile is light-green, clear and mouth-filling with a medium to hot heat. It is not overwhelming in taste, yet it makes me want to take another bite. And another. Soon the green is gone, and I can start on my beloved red. The red chile is a true ranch-style red with a milder heat, but a taste that makes me want to put a little on everything on the plate. I enjoy both of the chiles for different reasons, and I dare not choose a favorite here.

A rather large flour tortilla is served with butter on the side; the diners seem to know the secret automatically. For some reason I allow the server to talk me into ordering bacon- salty crisp to order, and I cannot possibly eat all the food. The dogs are happy today too.

Somehow I manage to eat most everything of importance, and I am very satisfied in this appropriately-Albuquerque eating establishment- complete with “Crazy Train” on the radio and a giant spring thunderhead out the large front window just North of Sandia. Friendly, comfy, and I gotta get back soon to Mick’s Chile Fix with friends next time.


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