Sophia’s Place

I finally found myself at the much-talked-about Sophia’s Place (closely related to Ezra’s Place) for superb huevos rancheros. I am not left wanting- wait maybe I am: wanting more.

I have one word that can describe what I feel, and it happens to be part of the name of this blog: Addiction. Over corn tortillas are strewn chiles of 2 colors, whole and tasty pintos, potatoes- almost “chips” with chile spices, and obligatory huevos cooked to order.

Sophia's Place huevos rancheros

Sophia’s offers their huevos rancheros with either “meat” or “vegetables”. I opt for the thick cut and crispy to order bacon. A homemade flour tortilla is served on the side.

The chopped green chile is traditionally stewed with tomatoes and spices. It is a sweet and mild spring-day green chile, although the spice does grow on me as I go. However, the red is a bright, pasty, potent, medium-hot, almost tomato-y it’s so pure, taste of red chile that is truly addicting. I cannot allow any to linger on the plate as I finish, sopping it up with the last bite of tortilla. Seeing that it is actually a windy spring day in Albuquerque, the red seems more appropriate and easily tolerated in my mind.

Otherwise, with a cup of coffee, and the shack on the side of the road friendly, almost community-seating feel, Sophia’s Place offers comfort in the blowing New Mexico dustbowl that is Albuquerque’s North Valley in the spring.



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