On the rarely visited East Side of Albuquerque, is a family restaurant that any Westerner might feel at home, as in “home on the range”, in. Roper’s has been around for years, and I’m embarrassed to say this is my first visit. I’d like to thank my friend Melissa for recommending.

As we walk in, right there on the Specials sign is “Bryce’s Huevos”. This is what I must get. It doesn’t say what it is exactly, but I’m in a trusting mood. Turns out, it is a huevos rancheros special with bacon, ham, and sausage mixed in with everything else. Like a huevos casserole!

Roper's huevos rancheros

Roper’s huevos start with a flour tortilla (thought they do have corn if you prefer). Atop that is this fore-mentioned casserole type mix that also includes refried beans and potatoes. Because of the nature of these huevos, I opt for the red chile and the green chile gravy.

Eggs are perfect, and the taste sensation is delicious and hearty; I can only eat half the portion. This is the place to come for meat with your eggs. The red chile is a mild smoky flavor, and the green chile gravy is of a spicier bent with just the right flavor to accompany the meats.

A flour tortilla is served on the side, but really nothing more is needed with all this food. There are several versions of huevos rancheros on the menu, including one with their self-acclaimed carne adovada as well as one with a chicken fried steak! I’m intrigued. But today, I am extra lucky because “Bryce” happens to come visit our table and is happy to discuss his restaurant’s food and the history of the location.

All in all a pleasant, if filling, experience, good coffee, good service, and just fun Old West atmosphere.


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