Monica’s El Portal

Monica’s El Portal is a family restaurant on the outskirts of Old Town that makes good comfort New Mexican food, huevos rancheros no exception. If just a little warmer, we would sit on the cute little patio out front. Today’s huevos appear on the table with a traditional look and feel.

Monica's el Portal huevos rancheros

You can actually see the corn tortilla that holds the perfectly cooked eggs, refried beans, potatoes and chiles. Refried beans are typical Mexican restaurant taste and consistency, and the potatoes are soft, boiled and then lightly pan fried with a little bit of spice. The two sides are complementary in taste and consistency.

Red chile is a bright red mild sauce with a peppery light taste. The green has a bite in the beginning, a medium heat, clean, fresh chopped roasted and stewed to perfection taste. It is the right thing to do to use every last bit of the green before the plate is taken away.

A big hearty home made flour tortilla is served alongside, almost too much to eat, especially as hearty corn chips and salsa are brought to the table when seated. A side of guacamole salad is a nice touch, and the coffee is fresh. Well worth the New Mexico pace and a little waiting time for the food.


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