Chili Hills

On the grasslands of the high plains East of Albuquerque, in a town called Edgewood, right off the highway sits Chili Hills, or Carl’s Chili Hills, as the locals know it. Chili Hills comes recommended to me, and thus I finally got myself here. A nice full plate of huevos rancheros is the ultimate welcome.

Chili Hills huevos rancheros

Chili Hills is not afraid about draping the huevos with their tasty chiles. There are eggs under there, cooked to order, as well as two corn tortillas. The sides are perfectly cooked and crispy tasty hash browns, and whole pinto beans with a slight ranch style taste.

The green chile has a fresh roasted mild green taste and delightfully mixes in with the red. I really really like the red. It is a deep New Mexico red with a lot of taste, even if mild. The red can seep into anything on the plate it wants to.

A flour tortilla is served on the side and helps to mop up all the chile. As usual, there is very little left on my plate after these hearty, and heartfelt, huevos rancheros. A crossroads for locals, traveling bikers, and curious folk like me, Carl’s Chili Hills is worth the little getaway out of town for a few hours. Fresh coffee and friendly service to boot. What a beautiful spring day all around!


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