Fiesta’s Restaurant & Lounge is one of those places that you might drive by a million times before you think about stopping in for food. I hope you do. I’m sure they do other things well, but they certainly have done a good job with their version of huevos rancheros.

Fiesta's huevos rancheros

A colorful plate carries colorful food including eggs, refried beans, Christmas chiles and cheese all over hardly noticeable corn tortillas. Eggs are cooked to order, and the Mexican restaurant-style gently refried beans have a good pinto taste. The hash browns are perfect: crispy on the edges with a buttery taste.

The dark roasted green chile has a meaty taste with lots of room and mild heat. The red chile is full and smooth, a deep sexy red with a taste that takes over and lingers longer than the green. The consistency is traditional, not too thick, but it sticks nicely to the eggs.

Delicious homemade sopapillas are served on the side. One for the meal, and one with honey afterwards. They are tasty, and not greasy. Same thing with the hearty crunchy corn tortilla chips that are served with a fresh and mild salsa.

Coffee is fresh, and the service is good and friendly. Don’t let the sign out front fool you; Fiesta’s is worth a visit, and they do a smart and tasty huevos rancheros.


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