Mary & Tito’s

One might say Mary & Tito’s is New Mexican “soul food”. Located just North of downtown and there since the 60’s, you better believe Mary & Tito’s knows how to do huevos rancheros right. An obligatory corn tortilla is smothered with cafe style over easy eggs and traditional refried beans.

Mary & Tito's huevos rancheros

Here traditional ‘New Mexican Dining’ is what it’s about. The refried beans are tried and true, with a dusting of cheddar cheese over the top for taste. No other sides needed.

The red chile is, what do you know, a very traditional red, a nice “carne” indeed- complete with a touch of carne adovada. With a bite that lasts, the heat is medium, and the consistency just right with that slight separation between the oil and the chile puree. The green chile also is made with meat- beef, as in stewed after being roasted, yet still with a good chopped New Mexico green consistency. Because both of the chiles are made with meat, neither have a sweet chile taste at all.

A typical flour tortilla is served on the side, and chips and salsa are served when first seated at the table. The yellow corn chips are crispy, and the salsa has a good initial bite. I also order a side of guacamole, which is fresh and tasty.

The coffee is fresh, service friendly, and I notice a good mix of people in the restaurant, surprised that there aren’t more patrons in on a late Saturday morning. Regardless, Mary & Tito’s has the right kind of New Mexican soul for me today.


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