Chili Hills huevos rancheros

Chili Hills

On the grasslands of the high plains East of Albuquerque, in a town called Edgewood, right off the highway sits Chili Hills, or Carl’s Chili Hills, as the locals know it. Chili Hills comes recommended to me, and thus I finally got myself here. A nice full plate of huevos rancheros is the ultimate welcome. … Continue reading

Monica's el Portal huevos rancheros

Monica’s El Portal

Monica’s El Portal is a family restaurant on the outskirts of Old Town that makes good comfort New Mexican food, huevos rancheros no exception. If just a little warmer, we would sit on the cute little patio out front. Today’s huevos appear on the table with a traditional look and feel. You can actually see … Continue reading

Fiesta's huevos rancheros


Fiesta’s Restaurant & Lounge is one of those places that you might drive by a million times before you think about stopping in for food. I hope you do. I’m sure they do other things well, but they certainly have done a good job with their version of huevos rancheros. A colorful plate carries colorful … Continue reading

Mary & Tito's huevos rancheros

Mary & Tito’s

One might say┬áMary & Tito’s is New Mexican “soul food”. Located just North of downtown and there since the 60’s, you better believe Mary & Tito’s knows how to do huevos rancheros right. An obligatory corn tortilla is smothered with cafe style over easy eggs and traditional refried beans. Here traditional ‘New Mexican Dining’ is … Continue reading