Pete’s Mexican Restaurant and Cantina

At Pete’s Mexican Restaurant and Cantina, huevos rancheros appear on all menus all the time. Pete’s “Home of the Half Breed” understands the need for hearty huevos, especially in the cold winter months. It is also fun to sit at the bar at Pete’s, where we sit today as we are served their version of huevos rancheros.

Pete's huevos rancheros

Cooked to order eggs sit on top of corn tortillas, perhaps needing just a few minutes on the grill to soften up. The sides are boiled sliced potatoes and yummy refried beans with great natural bean taste and texture. Just a touch of cheddar cheese and no garnish here.

The red chile is bright with a quick bite, and is secondary to the awesome green. As today’s huevos partner says, the green “tastes like roasted green chile smells”. This deep roasted green has a natural spicy and sweet taste that I want to put on everything, and eventually do.

A flour tortilla is served on the side, as well as chips and salsa, but of note to order separately is the queso espinaca. My typical visit to Pete’s involves a nice drive into the mountains and a stop off for espinaca and a beer. Today, however, I try a Bloody Mary, which I highly recommend. The coffee is fresh too, and always a good start to the day. I’m personally happy Pete’s is around again, as it goes back in family history in addition to being a fun laid-back place with its East Mountainers, bikers, and road-trip family clientele.

Who doesn’t love a good excuse to get outta town?


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