Cervantes is a Hispanic, woman owned New Mexican restaurant located in the International District of Albuquerque that serves up “healthful, rich and savory family recipes” every day including our beloved huevos rancheros. Everything is made in-house and is all natural.

Cervantes huevos rancheros

A colorfully bright plate of tastes is set down before me, and I notice right away the no holds barred mix of red and green chile. Atop barely noticeable corn tortillas, though essential for the overall taste and consistency, are bright sunny and perfect eggs underneath all the good stuff.

Soft hash browns and refried beans are the sides, not stand-outs, but essential to the big Cervantes huevos rancheros picture. One could, like today’s huevos partner, mash everything together into an unrecognizable mass and devour the whole thing without thinking twice about its appearance. However, as tastes go, I’m very interested in the details.

The red and green chile, as mentioned above, are both ladled over everything, not side by side as some restaurants do. It makes sense here. The red gives the lingering chile taste, bright red with just a hint of smokiness. The green gives the light almost-crunch of chopped green recently roasted with a natural slightly-sweet bite. A light dusting of cheese over everything as well as shredded lettuce and chopped tomato as garnish crowns the plate.

If one was to be handed huevos rancheros as typically made here at Cervantes, one finds carne adovada to the side as well. I, of course, order in this fashion, and the carne is delightfully tender and not overpowering in its taste. Again, it only adds to the whole that includes yet is better than its parts.

Yellow corn chips and fresh salsa are served as soon as we sit down, and as the meal is served, so are sopapillas. Everything here looks and tastes fresh and homemade. Delicious. I even end with another half of a sopapilla with honey, even though I have eaten everything in front of me.

Coffee is served fresh, and I love the atmosphere every time I come here. Cervantes is well known for their holiday decor- every holiday; but it feels festive in between holidays as well. A comfy place for good food, cheers to Cervantes for doing it their way!


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