Huevos rancheros at Richard’s Mexican Restaurant is something to come home to when needed. A mom & pop feel, Richard’s is known for food “prepared with only the freshest ingredients, low sodium and no cholesterol oils”. Thus, my delicious fresh eggs dance with said ingredients.

Richard's Mexican Restaurant huevos rancheros

Over corn tortillas sit soft boiled red potatoes and soft cooked whole pintos in addition to the eggs. Don’t let “soft” fool you; these sides retain their natural sweet taste and are a good addition to the comfort of these huevos. Light dusting of shredded romaine and a tomato garnish.

Here, you can really see the difference between red and green chile, even under lots of tasty cheddar cheese. The red is a red-orange, soupy strained consistency with a wide tangy taste and medium heat that lingers longer than you think. The green is milder, a nice roasted green, sweetly stewed. I daresay I like the green better, but I still crave that red echo of a taste even with the green.

Choice of tortilla (flour or whole wheat) or sopapilla is offered, and to go along with the ‘health food’ aspect that Richard’s likes to tout, I choose whole wheat. Salty and earthy round yellow corn tortilla chips and a medium spiced fresh salsa are served as soon as you come to the table.

Otherwise, coffee is fresh, service is friendly, and my huevos addiction is for the moment sated.



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