Church Street Cafe

At the historic Casa de Ruiz, in Albuquerque’s Old Town Plaza, huevos rancheros a la Church Street Cafe are a treat! Hundreds of years of history make this oldest of adobe homes in New Mexico rich, and thus I expect the food to be nothing less. I, and my companions for this huevos day, all order huevos rancheros in our own unique way.

Church Street Cafe huevos rancheros

No complaints, all eggs cooked to order underneath a spattering of red and green chile and melted cheddar cheese. Whole pintos and papas drape over corn tortillas.

The green chile is tasty and mild, dark roasted and stew-like with ground beef. The red is a medium, pure peppery and celebratory taste. The two chiles mix and meld well with each other around the eggs and melted cheese.

A home-made tortilla is served on the side, and brought out prior to our meal are crispy yellow corn tortilla chips and a mild fresh salsa. Both side items are fresh and tasty, no room for bland or blah here. The Casa de Ruiz ghosts are watching!

Also of note: Sangria, a light and tangy treat, not too sweet, complete with the taste of cinnamon.

Church Street Cafe is cozy and roomy at the same time, and at this time of the year filled with Christmas decor and a fire crackling in the fireplace. My huevos companions and I wish we could spend the entire day laughing, eating, drinking, and being merry at the Ruiz hearth. But we depart with full bellies and happy faces nonetheless.


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