Hannah & Nate’s

At Hannah & Nate’s, a local favorite, the huevos don’t mess around. To the point, the plate of food is complete with color, taste, and comfort.

The eggs are perfectly cooked and set right on top, as if to remind me the origin of huevos rancheros. The moment I cut into the eggs, the red of the chile and the yellow of the yolk as colors combined is perfection. With corn tortillas as the base, the sides come next: lightly browned and non-greasy hash browns- adding just the right touch of flavor, and ranch style pintos- perfect consistency with hints of sweet natural pinto taste. A light lettuce and tomato garnish tops the dish.

The red chile is a bright red with a peppery taste, medium heat with a hint of sweet. This New Mexico red reminds me of why I love red! The soft roasted green is sweetly stewed, milder and not as rich as the red. Sprinkled on both chiles is a tasty cheddar cheese, not too little and not too much.

Hannah & Nate's huevos rancheros

A flour tortilla is served on the side, best with a little butter and salt to sop up all the chile.

With two locations, my visit at the Riverside Plaza, and the other in the heart of Corrales, Hannah & Nate’s is truly a “place to be” local Market Cafe, with good coffee, service, and food.


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