Standard Diner

Known for its, “there’s nothin’ standard about The Standard Diner!”, the Standard Diner serves huevos rancheros on a different wavelength hinging on gourmet. I suppose being non-standard and in New Mexico, right off Route 66, to add huevos rancheros to the menu was the right thing to do.

Standard Diner huevos rancheros

Where are the eggs? Oh, they are there… fresh eggs perfectly cooked on top of thick white hearty corn tortillas and just underneath all that sharp cheddar cheese covering dollops of red and green chile and everything else on this aesthetically pleasing plate. The sides are peasant potatoes lightly spiced with sauteed onions and peppers, and plain as day whole pintos. A lettuce and tomato garnish crowns the mix.

The red chile is smooth, bright and deep red with a nice consistency. The heat is mild to medium, and the taste is perfect for the potatoes too- with maybe just a touch of the fresh ketchup brought on the side. The green is a roasted tangy green, almost like a stew, and has a mild but refreshing taste. I like the difference between the two, but end up with red on everything.  I order extra because the warmness of the red is perfect on this cold post-snowy day.

A supersize flour tortilla comes on the side, the coffee is warm and strong, and the water is complete with cucumber slice. Even though I would typically choose other items from the menu here, I am happy with the good friendly service and all around nice huevos experience between Downtown and UNM/Nob Hill in a little area known as “Edo”. The Standard Diner sits right in the heart of Edo- just as hip, cool, and quirky as the folks living in the funky condos and old Victorians around the area. I will call these folks “Edons”. I digress, and I hope you  enjoyed your gourmet huevos report.


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