Sadie’s of New Mexico

Indeed a “staple in the Albuquerque community”, Sadie’s of New Mexico‘s huevos rancheros do NOT disappoint! In fact, they are high up on my craving list now for sure. Unique in their own way, Sadie’s aims to please in the overall huevos department. A table full of good food with good eggs, yet everything surrounding those eggs even more delicious.

Sadie's huevos rancheros

One of the first things I notice is the giant yellow corn tortilla covering the bottom of the plate. A giant corn tortilla! Obviously homemade, and from the same material used to make their tortilla chips because both are very tasty, salt of the earth. Speaking of earth, everything on the table is deep and rich earth colors, making me not want to take my time.

Perfectly cooked, just-right crispy papitas and almost ranch-style refried pintos accompany, mixed with draping of cheddar cheese, chile, and a light lettuce and tomato garnish (that appear almost neon in the ocean of earth color).

Again, unique, are the chiles, and I can barely tell them apart. The red is a dark deep red strained with hint of meat, stew-like quality yet thicker in consistency than the green. The heat is medium and then lingers just right through the next bite. The green is also dark in color, roasted and stewed with bits of roasted green, tomato and meat. Satisfying bite and then medium linger. Both chiles, together known as “Christmas”, work together well and all tastes blend nicely.

Besides being known for their various shades of salsa, Sadie’s is also known for their sopapillas. When our food server brings out the basket and says, “Sorry, these look a little smaller than usual,” I have to do a doubletake. I can’t imagine what the ‘regular’ size might be. These sopapillas are hearty and tasty, perfect to eat half with the meal and the must half with honey as the last bite. That said, there is still food left on my plate; and this is the ‘small’ brunch huevos plate!

Also notable is the chips and salsa, perhaps having something to do with why I can’t eat more of my meal, and the great and family-friendly service. Today’s huevos date is my dad and stepmom. It is Wicked’s birthday, the server overhears this, and brings out a scoop of creamy vanilla bean ice cream covered in some sort of nut/caramel/coconut mix. This, and my Bailey’s and coffee, is just too yummy. Thanks for a fun and wonderfully yummy huevos experience, Sadie’s on the Northeast Heights/Hotel Circle side of town! (There’s also the more well-known location in the North Valley.)


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