Los Cuates

Another Albuquerque New Mexican restaurant that has been around a while is Los Cuates. It would seem sacrilege to not include Los Cuates huevos rancheros in my first 20 official blog-visits. So, here’s the scoop: the huevos here are a delicacy. So rich and yummy that even though this was not among the largest plates of huevos I’ve had, I still cannot finish.

Los Cuates huevos rancheros

Eggs are like an afterthought here, but cooked to order atop a lovely plate of lightly fried corn tortillas, perfectly made traditional refried beans and Spanish rice, and hidden underneath the eggs are cubed papitas as well. Cheddar cheese lightly covers the sides. Almost like an open face enchilada, with typical lettuce and tomato garnish. Add the eggs and the green and red chile, and you’ve got quite a meal.

The red, the red, how can I NOT start with a red that looks like that? I love this red. It is so smooth and rich with depth and a nice medium heat, enough to ask for an extra napkin. The taste lingers perfectly and is not intrusive, but rather complementary, as I crossover into the green. The green is a true New Mexican green, on the roasty side, with the clear stew and pure green chile taste that Fall in New Mexico is known for. Today is a medium heat, just right for me, and keeps the extra napkin in use. If my dad were with me, he’d order an additional side of green. Hmm, now inspired, next week is Father’s Choice for where we go next.

Beautiful, fluffy with good mass, and tasty homemade sopapillas are served on the side. One to eat with the meal, dipping into the generous chile portions, and one to bite off the corner and fill with honey. This is one of the few restaurants where I regularly eat “dessert”.

Note: Los Cuates is unique in its chips and salsa. It’s the salsa: a roasted and dark, slightly sweet and hot with nice consistency that holds fast to the chip. No other like it I’ve tasted anywhere.

This visit is to the original Los Cuates location on Lomas near the Nob Hill area, but I also enjoy the location on Menaul in the NE Heights. A third location is in Santa Fe. All in all, an overdue visit to a local restaurant I love and appreciate even more now that I know they do one of my favorite dishes just right.


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