In the Village of Los Lunas, off the Hwy 314 SW, is TJ’s New Mexican Restaurant. This is obviously a local favorite because the three dining rooms are packed full of families and good food. The huevos here are delicious with that homemade just right touch.

TJ's huevos rancheros

I can barely see the eggs under all that red and green chile topped with cheddar cheese, but they are there and cooked perfectly. There are also corn tortillas under there, holding everything up and adding just the right touch. The sides are a mix of whole pintos mixed with refried beans with a tangy taste, and a few too many soft slightly pan fried papitas. No need for garnish with all that chile.

The red is what I consider true New Mexican red. It has a deep roasted red hue and a good bite at first taste. The peppery medium heat does not take over though, and allows for other tastes to appear. The green here is also typical of true New Mexican green, of the clear stewed variety with tomatoes etc. Again hotter at first bite, but with a more lingering taste than the red. I am happy to mop up the remaining green with my tasty homemade flour tortilla.

One mention: I have a whim to order carne adovada on the side and add to a few bites of my huevos. I’m glad I did it, tasty and tender, cooked and spiced perfectly. I had a feeling this restaurant would make a good carne. Very good, and something I don’t do often.

Otherwise, coffee is fresh, lots of happy families filling their Sunday faces, and I feel right at home in this family owned and operated establishment. The drive is good too, about a half hour South of Albuquerque. Next time I should take the train.



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