Perea’s Tijuana Bar and Restaurant

In one of the oldest classic adobes in Corrales, is housed Perea’s Tijuana Bar and Restaurant, in the business of truly authentic homemade New Mexican food. The huevos rancheros here are one of my personal favorites.

Perea's Tijuana Bar and Restaurant huevos rancheros

Perfectly cooked eggs top a plate full of deliciousness, lightly covered with Christmas. Soft corn tortillas line the plate, over which are three sides, a bonus from the typical two! My favorite side, and one of the reasons I love returning to Perea’s again and again, is the posole. This posole is clean and clear, fresh from its stew, open to whatever chile one chooses to cover it with. Posole confirms that fall is here. The pintos are whole and fresh and lightly stewed, and a small helping of cubed softly cooked potatoes accompanies.

I am always first drawn to the bright red chile here, and today it is so fresh, lightly strained with a natural consistency and a clean, slightly tangy bite. Enough to get the blood flowing. The green is the perfectly roasted clean fresh taste of fall. Lower heat but wider taste than the red. I even add fresh onion for fun, even though really not needed with this full plate of food- so full, in fact, that I can’t quite eat the whole thing.

One of the reasons I can’t finish is the homemade tortilla, thick, hearty and tasty, which I must dust with a little butter and salt. The other reason I can’t finish is the homemade sopapilla, also tasty and at least half of which I must eat with honey. I share a few bites with the friendly patio bee who doesn’t want to be a pest; he just wants a taste of the honey. So, I agree, once I can eat no more.

Coffee is hot and fresh, and I use honey as sweetener. I am loving midday in Corrales, on the back patio, with a few young people and an acoustic guitar that is passed around. This is a comfortable, cozy family place, and the food feels like a loved-one has cooked it. I definitely feel loved here, and I certainly love the huevos at Perea’s Tijuana Bar and Restaurant.


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